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The Breezz Story

Based in the heart of the Silicon Valley of the Middle East, Tel Aviv, the Breezz team is surrounded by tech talent and innovation. These companies cannot grow their businesses without an optimized sales process: enter Breezz.

The newest player in the CRM arena, Breezz is developing a unified CRM and marketing cloud that cuts out the inconvenience of using multiple platforms at once. With Breezz, users can manage the entire customer engagement lifestyle without ever leaving the CRM.

Our Vision

Breezz speeds up the sales process by combining deals, email correspondence, accounts, and contacts data into one activity stream.

Swift and clear communication means happy customers, and happy customers are returning customers. Breezz will remind you to complete your tasks and contact your customers.

breezz sales crm mascot

Our Team

At Breezz, we’re CRM geeks and passionate about enabling businesses to close more deals. Amir has been in the CRM business through its evolution, since 2003. No one knows cloud-based CRM better: Amir was first to create one in Israel, and one of the first in the world.

Noga, an experienced saleswoman and marketer, knows the essentials of selling and closing deals inside-out. She can pinpoint exactly what’s missing from the sales process, and this has been crucial in the development of Breezz.

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Amir Segev
Noga breezz sales crm
Noga Shryer
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Alon Moalem
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Tal Knoll
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Yotam Hakim
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Yechiel Hadad
Shani breezz sales crm
Shani Heiman
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Gina Walker
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