Terms of Service

The following Terms are a binding contract between "You", the Customer, and "Us", Breezz. In this way please ensure you read them carefully. By logging into and using the Breezz Site, you are automatically agreeing to Our Terms of Service. Any participation in this service will constitute acceptance of this agreement. It is necessary to agree to the Terms in order to use the Breezz Site. If You violate these Terms, We reserve the right to take any required legal action against You, the cost of which You are obligated to compensate. Sometimes these Terms are updated: in this event you will be notified. These terms are applicable during the Free Trial and Subscription to a plan of Your choice.


The customer that has signed up to use Breezz
Breezz, a website that provides a CRM platform
The services provided by Breezz
An agreement You make to pay a fixed amount to receive a specific service for a fixed amount of time
The customer’s private access to the Site that requires a password
The information provided in this document to which You automatically agree upon using the Site
The information You add and store on the Site

A. Accounts

In order to use the Breezz Site you are required to create an account. You must provide only accurate information about Yourself and be at least 18 years old. Do not try to create an account using incorrect Data or someone else’s Data. Please update any information changes that may occur in Your account after you have signed up. Each user is identified by their User Login which consists of a unique username (Your email) and password. Keep Your password confidential and exclusive to the Site and do not share Your account with others. It is Your responsibility to keep Your login information safe. Contact Your system administrator in the event that you believe Your account has been in any way compromised. Additional terms apply to Users whose accounts are assigned to them by an administrator (employer or institution.) The administrator reserves the right to access and disable the accounts of those they invited to the Site.

B. Use of Services

Please ensure not to use the Breezz Site in any unlawful ways. By agreeing to these Terms you are agreeing that you will not: i) Commercially exploit, sell or resell the Site to any third party excluding Your Users and End-Customers. ii) Try to access the Site through hacking, modifying, or any other unauthorized means of access. iii) Use the Site on behalf on any third party excluding Your Users and End-Customers. iv) Infringe on anyone’s personal privacy or intellectual property rights. v) Falsely indicate You have any association or sponsorship with Us. vi) Use the Site to send unsolicited messages such as junk email, pyramid schemes and spam vii) Interfere with the Site and its features. viii) Attempt to copy, reverse engineer, or access the source code of the Software of the Site. ix) Store or share any offensive content including but not limited to discriminatory, hateful, abusive and obscene content. x) Store or share any protected health information unless expressly agreed to in writing xi) Store or share any harmful software including viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, and malware. If any of these terms are violated We reserve the right to remove any content, terminate Your account, prohibit You from using the Site, and to take legal action. By agreeing to the Terms, You are agreeing to receive electronic communications from Us in the form of emails and notifications on the Site. Emails We send to the address You provide will be deemed both delivered and effective.

C. Access to the Site

You are responsible for maintaining the necessary network connections, browser software, and security certifications to use the Site. You will be notified in advance of any planned maintenance and upgrades that will prevent You from accessing the Site. We will take every effort possible to ensure You will be notified of any disturbances that will affect Your access to the Site including but not limited to technical failures, acts of government, acts of terror, and third party service attacks.

D. Modifications

We reserve the right to modify and make changes to the Site at any time such as adding or removing features. We are under no obligation to keep all Site content updated. We reserve the right to charge a fee for any features at any time. These modifications may occur with or without notice to You. You can stop using Our Site at any time if you do not wish to continue paying certain fees. We are not responsible for any incorrectly displayed information on Our Site and will not be held liable for any information You may have depended upon while visiting the Site.

E. Intellectual Property

We do not claim any IP rights over Your content uploaded or provided to the Site. We are the owner or licensee of IP rights over all content We publish on Our Site. This content is protected by copyright laws. The private information that You store on Our Site is protected by copyright laws and We will not use Your information for any other purposes. Any suggestions or requests We receive from You are not confidential and We reserve the right to apply changes based on Your communications with no obligation. We reserve the right to use Your logo or trademark to show you are Our customer unless you contact us stating otherwise. You may use Our name and logo found on the Site to identify You are user of Our Site. We may use Aggregated Anonymous Data, i.e. technical and other Data about Your use of the Site (through which is is not possible to identify who you are) in order to improve and support the Site. You will not be identified as the source of the Aggregated Anonymous Data. If you believe that any of the content posted by Us on the Site infringes Your IP, please contact us and We will proceed accordingly. Note only copyright owners can report suspected copyright infringement. If You suspect Our content of infringing the IP of a third party, contact them directly. Material misrepresentation that content infringes copyright makes You liable for legal damages so it is advisable to consult an attorney.

F. Billing and Payment

For the Free Plan, it is not necessary to enter any payment methods. All Subscription Charges are due in full and on a monthly basis. The amount to be paid depends on the plan that You choose and commitment period. Please see pricing details here. You can pay using Your credit card: We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Diners Club. Your payment is made immediately when You receive Our invoice. When You subscribe to a Plan, You authorize Us to bill your credit card the agreed upon amount. If You are subscribed to the monthly subscription, the minimum required payment is one (1) month, i.e. if You terminate Your subscription before the end of the first month, You will be charged the full amount of one (1) month. If You are subscribed to the annual subscription, the minimum required payment is twelve (12) months, i.e. if You terminate Your subscription before the end of the twelve (12) months, You will be charged the full amount of twelve (12) months. You will receive an electronic receipt for each transaction. You can change Your plan at any time, but the new subscription will only take effect once the commitment period of your current subscription ends. For monthly, this is after one (1) month, and for annual, this is after twelve (12) months. When You reach the end of your Subscription You will receive renewal options. You can renew the same Subscription, switch from monthly to annual or vice versa, or terminate Your subscription. If You decide to terminate Your Account, all of Your Data and information will be erased. We require You to write an email stating you are aware of this deletion of information before We will cancel Your Account. Subscription Charges are nonrefundable unless stated otherwise. If you do not use your Subscription you will be charged until You terminate it and will not be eligible for a refund. If We do not receive a payment within the due date, You will be notified. Upon receipt of the notification You have fifteen (15) days to make the payment with a credit card. In the event of failure to make the payment within these parameters We reserve the right to suspend Your account until We receive Your payment. If Your Account is suspended and You decide in the future to reopen it, You will be required to pay the difference that You failed to pay previously. The Subscription charges may include any added taxes or other governmental assessments, depending on the laws of Your country.

G. Security and Privacy

Any information You receive as part of Our security procedures, including identification codes and passwords, must be treated as confidential and not be disclosed to any third parties. If We believe You fail to comply with these Terms, We reserve the right to disable Your passwords and identification codes. In order to ensure the security of Your Data, We will maintain safeguards to keep Your Data safe and confidential. These safeguards are both physical and technical, as well as commercially reasonable. Our Site uses a HTTPS protocol which means that Your connection is secure: the standard Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or HTTP, is encrypted with Transport Layer Security. HTTPS provides authentication of Our Site and protects the privacy and integrity of the Data exchanged. There is bidirectional encryption of the communications made between You and Us. Our Site uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store all Data. The strong AWS firewall allows US a fully private network. AWS provides Us APIs that integrate encryption and Data protection with the services provided by Our Site. You shall be deemed the controller of the Data and We shall be deemed the processor of the data. You hereby allow Us to process the Data of You, Your Users, and End-Customers. We may collect the following information from You within the Site: i) Contact information (name, email, mailing address, phone number) of both You and Your contacts ii) Company information (name, size, type) iii) Billing information (credit card number, billing address) iv) Identifiers (username, Account number, password) For specific purposes, We reserve the right to access your Account and to use, change and display Your Data. Access to Your Account and Data will be granted to third parties when reasonably necessary and they will be subject to confidentiality obligations. These purposes include and are not limited to: i) Providing you with service ii) Sending communication and requesting information iii) Responding to customer service requests and questions iv) Facilitating Your transactions v) Administering Your Account. We reserve the right to refer You to law enforcement authorities if, at Our sole discretion, We suspect You of illegal activity. Note that following the termination of Your Account, We delete all of Your Data and information.