Breezz Sales Management Software

Simplify your sales process and drive growth in the CRM. Set up your sales team for success with easy lead tracking, sales pipeline management, tasks, and analytics.

Improve your lead management process

Organize and manage your leads easily on the easy-to-use sales pipeline. Keep track of all sales activity and close deals faster.
sales pipeline mockup magnified sales pipeline mockup
next months crm agenda
tomorrows crm agenda

Stay on top of important sales tasks

Effortlessly manage tasks and meetings with the built-in Agenda. View your most important tasks in a single click so can make sure all steps are taken to close your deals.

Connect with your customers faster with CRM email integration

With integrated email, you can communicate with customers without ever leaving the CRM
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bar graph example sales goal widget

Get valuable insights with sales data analytics

View your important business data with visual dashboards. Get powerful insights into your customer relationships, sales team performance, and sales management processes.